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Why us?

With unmatched sound quality and execution, details matter. That is the very thing that truly separates "Madik Innovation" from the field of "professionals." What defines a "professional" you might ask? One would expect that any pro studio could at the very least, record and produce a clean balanced mix right? But, what else? We are the studio that solves that question. Detail and creative touch are not as common among professionals as one would think. This is what Madik Innovation brings to the table. Not only will you get the use of industry standard equipment for clarity and design, but paired with decades of experience and ever growing innovation, you will quickly see why we are highly chosen among the elite. 










Multiple award winning, national chart topping music studio.


Audio Recording

If I had to pick the one thing we specialize in the most, "Audio Recording" would be it. Recording at Madik Innovation is an absolute unrivaled experience. Whether you sing rock, opera, pop, or rap, voice talents, such as audio books, movie voiceovers and commercials , we have the ability to facilitate, capture and cater ("dial in", if I may) to your desired style. We do this by first reaching the required professional audio standards, then secondly making your performance stand out in a way that allows your listeners to be fully engaged without subtle distractions. A crisp vocal recording is not only achieved by a top vocal mic, for instance, a Neumann U87 (which we have), but the preamps (Avalon Technology) and a/d converters which are equally as important yet frequently overlooked. In addition, isolated comfortable recording rooms are in place to help eliminate unwanted frequencies or reflections that would later have to be masked in post production, also known as bandaids. Our true focus is on the artist's needs and we do our very best to make you feel as focused as possible without distractions, while gaining a trust to know we will not only capture your vision, but exceed your expectations. 

Check out a few song samples recorded by Madik Innovation.

Grayhill "Red"

"Can i" Live Recording

Laladee "Tainted Crown"

Doomz Day "Tony Doomz Day"

Brittany "Un-fatal Attraction"

The Alumni "Love"

Parachute Picnic

Music videos/Videography services

Adding a stunning visual to your song can be an absolute game changer. A good, well thought out music or promo video can be the difference maker in selling your music commercially, as well as a great tool for your music manager and or representative to make a more convincing push for radio promoters, labels, or investors to name a few.

Contact us to inquire and or book a free consultation.

Artist Development Program

As aspiring artist's we all will usually go through several stages of natural development. Raw passion as well as some natural gifting tend to serve as the fuel source, but at some point in that journey, we are likely to hit many walls of confusion and limitation. This can lead to discouragement and long periods of time where we have no desire to create anything at all. This cycle I've found becomes a pattern and the idea of productivity becomes a distant thought. Artist development was created to help each artist move past limitations or cycles i.e. songwriting and arrangements, vocal/performance coaching, song creating, song recording, videography and promotional services, mixing, mastering, press kits, industry strategizing, public relations, social media, etc. We understand each individual person has different needs, so with that in mind we built a program specifically for you.

Artist Development is a monthly program with awesome benefits to help you reach benchmarks and new levels as you progress as an artist. You can think of it like going to a class, but you get development in song recording and form new knowledge of what song making can look like when professional standards are implemented. Our goal is that you leave with greater skill, higher standards and a product in hand ready to hit the market with. Contact us to inquire and or book a free consultation.

Beat-Haven by Madik

Beat-Haven by Madik music store is finally here! Madik has been making original beats and various types of tracks for artists/companies since 2002. But now for 2020 the official online beat store is here. You can browse all the different tracks and pick one of the multiple option leases available, as well as an option to buy exclusive rights. The store will be updated weekly and if you would like a custom track made we are ready to meet your  projects deadline. 

We currently have Rap and Hip hop beats available but don't let that deter you. We have made an array of creative tracks for video projects, commercials and churches to name a few over the last decade that span across different genres.


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Other Services



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Audio Recording
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