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Madik Innovation is looking for interns and or potential partners.

Let me start off by saying thank you for visiting Madik Innovation and showing interest as a potential partner to this great music production and media company.

Brief background:

I started in the music business in the early 2000's with just a burning hunger for music and really the intire recording process as a whole. I can't explain why really, there wasn't anyone in my family or circle I was following the steps of or piggybacking on, it was just like I knew what I wanted to do and had no idea how I was gonna do it. In a nut shell Madik Innovation was born out of seemingly random desires that quickly turned into a burning passion. It was never the popular road since the financial side of this start-up business didn't grantee a biweekly check and didn't make a lot of sense on the surface. But I knew the potential of it, if I could just be constant and dedicated without safety nets slowing me down waiting for me to jump when I start feeling the nerves then maybe, just maybe I could break through. Sparring all the individual details it is now 2020, knocking on 2021, with many NM awards and nominations, national radio success, top billboard rankings over the last 15 years I can say with everything in me that I wouldn't have changed a thing... or would I? Well let's see, if I was to go back would I do anything differently? Let's be honest, yes I sure would. I had a lot of support over the years but I also pushed people that wanted to be apart back. What I realized is to start a business with all the vision and passion and dedication is just one piece to the puzzle, a huge and vital piece absolutely, but how do you sustain that? There are secret ingredients, and those secret ingredients are people, connection, and opportunity. I would venture to say the majority of my business was because of people telling other people to visit my Studio, it was all word of mouth. 

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